Peace Labyrinth

The concept of the Peace Labyrinth is to offer a place for engagement on a personal level. It is surrounded by nature in all it’s beauty and close by to the entrance you’ll find a natural spring bubbling up from the ground.  There is one path into the centre and then out again.  You cannot get lost or confused.  The Peace Labyrinth offers an opportunity to take a journey into it’s centre where it provides a place of tranquility for contemplation.

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©Glynis Rose, 2014

“The exciting thing about labyrinths is that they lend
themselves to individual interpretation. There is no single pattern, nor is there
a right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth. Each experience is unique and, if welcomed,
can offer insights about how to navigate life and address its challenges”

The Magic of Labyrinths, Liz Simpson

2 thoughts on “Peace Labyrinth

  1. Hi there . Just a wee message from Edinburgh to say janice and i are glad we found your peace labyrinth on our weekend retreat to cumbria . Thank you for taking the time to talk to to us while we came for a wee nosey . It was pleasant surprise to find especially sincd we thought it was a foman theatre from up on hadrians wall . Very nice place and has had an injection of character and peace with your labyrinth .

  2. Hi. Thank you very much for your nice comment. It was lovely to meet you both on Saturday. Really glad you liked the area and the labyrinth – it is a beautiful place (even on a cold, icy day!) Hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay in Cumbria and that you had a good journey home.

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