Visiting the labyrinth

The labyrinth constructed at Walltown is accessible to everyone, including wheelchair users, and is based on the pattern of the seven path Cretan labyrinth. More than 1000 willow trees have been planted to create the walls, using over 20 different varieties and a range of colours. The trees, once fully grown, will form a giant labyrinth measuring more than 150 feet in diameter.


The concept of the Peace Labyrinth is to offer a place for engagement on a personal level. It is surrounded by nature in all its beauty and close by to the entrance you’ll find a natural spring bubbling up from the ground. There is one path into the centre and then out again. You cannot get lost or confused. The Peace Labyrinth offers an opportunity to take a journey into its centre, where it provides a place of tranquility for contemplation.


3 thoughts on “Visiting the labyrinth

  1. Looks lovely, can’t wait to visit. I had heard there was a special event on May 5th – any info ? Thanks

  2. I discovered the labyrinth purely by accident while walking the Wall this week, and was utterly delighted by it. Its spiral paths seemed to keep unfolding as I got closer to the center. With luck I’d like to see it again in a few years, to see how it has grown. Just one suggestion — it would be good to mention it in the Hadrian’s Wall guidebooks so that others can find it too. It made for a delightful break before tackling the Walltown crags. Best wishes!

  3. After taking part in two working parties at the labyrinth I decided to combine a couple of hours weeding with some time sketching on the wall. The weather was sunny and the wind was falling light as I relocated about ten yards worth of weeds from the paths to the surrounding trees then walked into the labyrinth center for lunch. Two ravens kept me company, tumbling through the sky over the crags as they claimed their territory.
    It was a beautifully peaceful way to spend some time.

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